About us

EA GREEN ENERGY is a company focused on the development, promotion and management of renewable energy projects: biorefineries, solar, wind, biomass, etc. The main specialty is the development of Multifunctional Biorefinery projects for the production of bioethanol, feed, bioelectricity and other bioproducts through different raw materials (beet, sugar cane, corn, biomass)

Our Mission

Contribute to the decarbonisation of the planet through the development of sustainable projects with strategic vertical integrations and zero waste trend

Our Plan

Development of an industrial plan in Spain whose objective number 1 is the implementation of the Barcial del Barco (Zamora) Multifunctional Biorefinery

Our Vision

A more sustainable world, with a rational and efficient use of resources

What we do?

Development of green projects aligned with current international policies to fight climate change and promote decarbonization. Projects that contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable planet with a trend to zero waste. Our activities focus on locations that have been especially affected by depopulation, which further enhances the great socio-economic benefits expected


Thanks to the use of multifunctional processes and the agricultural yields of the areas where we carry out our projects, we obtain highly efficient bioethanol

Feed (pulps and DDG’s)

Important co-products will be obtained from the main bioethanol production process, among which pulps and DDG's destined for animal consumption stand out. Our production process have a good per hectare ratio thus generating a positive lever effect in the animal food distribution chanel


Development of R+D projects related to biorefinery processes

Raw materials

The use of beet as the main raw material of our processes guarantees maximum environmental efficiency in the fight against climate change and the best opportunity cost indices

Our knowledge

EA GREEN ENERGY has a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the engineering, consulting, financial and legal sectors. EA GREEN ENERGY partners have developed numerous internationally successful projects in the renewable energy, electricity and oil&gas sectors. Likewise, leading companies in the renewable energy sector have been advised for their own developments


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